Mujhey Sandal Kar do By Wasi Shah Free Download

A Very Good Book By Very Famous Urdu Poet Wasi Shah, in this book you will read a beautiful and Heart touching poetry of Wasi Shah
This is a very Good book written by Wasi Shah in Urdu

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Aalam e Barzakh Ke Ibrat Angaiz Waqyaat By Shaykh Hafiz Momin Khan

Aalam-e-Barzakh key Ibrat Angaiz Waqyaat By Shaykh Hafiz Momin khan Usmani.
A very famous islamic book from pakistan
I personally like reading this novel very much. Aalam-e-Barzakh key waqyaat is an amazing novel.
The language of novel is very lucid and clear.
This novel is easy to understand, vocabulary used in this novel is commen and familiar to everyone.

Building Windows 8.1 Apps from the Ground up

This chapter introduces you to Windows 8.1 and Windows Store apps, starting with the history of Windows,
including a discussion on the evolution of user interfaces (UIs) from the textual interfaces up to modern gestures on
multitouch devices. After we’ve refreshed your memory and highlighted the concepts of modern UIs, you’ll be ready
to understand what’s under the hood of Windows 8.1. You will look at the Immersive apps and learn the philosophy
behind the Windows Store apps’ UI and how it has influenced the development of Windows 8.1 to give you the
knowledge to create user-centric applications. Obviously, having knowledge without the tools to implement it doesn’t
make much sense; so during this introduction, we’ll also show you the developer environment that you need to use to
develop applications for Windows 8.1.
Once Upon a Time in Windows
This section introduces you to the history of Windows versions, starting from version 1.0 up to Windows 8.1. We’ll list
improvements introduced by Microsoft version to version, and we’ll follow the upgrade path made to the concept of
the UI, starting from its introduction up to the new Windows 8.1 UI.
From Windows 1.0 to 3.1
Once upon a time, everything had a text interface; then along came the mouse and everything changed. Microsoft’s
first OS was MS-DOS, which was a simple command parser. This type of interface couldn’t be called a GUI and
certainly did not encourage less-technical users to use a computer. To compensate, in 1983 Microsoft announced the
Windows project (code name Interface Manager).
After 2 years, Microsoft released the first version of Windows (1.0), which many still think was simply a graphical
interface for MS-DOS, but the executables that ran under this release were significantly different by format. Instead,
Windows 1.0 was a complete system ready to work with multitasking, which offered the possibility to swap between
various applications without having to close them. This was different from MS-DOS because it was a monotasking
operating system (OS). Looking at Windows 1.0 as a real OS is still an error; more properly, it was a graphical
environment hosting applications that ran on it.
The use of hand-eye coordination in UIs was the real turning point in User Experience (UX) because users were
catapulted from pure text interfaces made of long sequences of key combinations to the ability to access software
commands—and into a world of menu bars, scrollbars, and “windows.”
Two years later, Microsoft released Windows 2.0, designed to support Intel 286 processors. Shortly afterward,
when Intel released the 386 processor, Windows/386 supported the functionality of extended memory that this
processor was offering. With this release, the first software companies began to produce software for Windows. These
apps were the first signs of the success of the Microsoft OS, supported by the fact that computers became “personal”
(becoming part of everyday office employees’ lives).

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Free Download HTML & XML in Urdu pdf

If you are new to HTML And XML and want to learn these two great languages then you are at the right Place
This is a very good if you want to learn HTML and XML in Urdu Language

So download this beautiful Urdu Book 

Husn-o-Jamal Ka Chand ( Surah Yousuf A.S)

The Full Detail of Hazrat Yousuf In the Light of Quranic Ayah

This Beautiful Book is Written by Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Aala. Husn-o-Jamal ka chand is the unique interpretation of Surah Yusuf In Urdu Language.
The Full Story if the Prophet Yousuf A.s in the light of Quranic Ayah. 
Download This Complete Book in Pdf format to rad offline.

AlQuran Hakeem Translation By Molana Fateh Mohammad KHan Jhanlindri R.A

AlQuran Hakeem Translation by Molana Fateh Mohammad Khan jhalindri (R.a)

Download This Beautiful Book

Ashab-e-Kahaf And Yaajooj Maajooj

Ashab-e-kahaf And Yaajooj Maajooj is a Very good islamic Book Written by the Great Imam-ul-Hind Abu Kalam Azad (r.a)
In this book you will read About The Peoples of cave and Yaajooj Maajooj.
Ashab-e-Kahaf (The peoples of Cave) was 3 people who were sleepd for over 300 years in a cave and after that they awake.

So download this beautiful Book to read more about Ashab-e-Kahaf and Yajooj Maajooj

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Quran Se Ilaj (Remedy With Quranic Ayah) In Urdu Pdf

This Book is a collection of Quranic Verses which is the remedy of differnt diseases and various problems 
This is with Urdu supporting text to understand easy.
click the link below to download this beautiful pdf book

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Hazrat Yousuf a.s Qaid Se iqtdar tak

Story of Hazrat Yousuf a.s in urdu, Book of hazrat Yousuf, Prophet Yousuf a.s

This beautiful book is written by Dr.Muhammad Tahir Jagrol 
Read the full true story of Prophet Yousuf a.s in urdu.
Download in pdf format to read offline.
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Husn e Habib s.a.w By Syed nasir Hussain Chishti Sialvi

Husn e Habib is written by syed Nasir Hussain chishti sialvi. Husn e Habib s.a.w book is a collection of naat sharif in Urdu and Punjabi. It includes beautiful naat rubayees and other religious poetry of pir Syed Nasir Hussain Chishti Sialvi Sahib r.w. Click on the link below to read online or free download this beautiful book in pdf format.

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Adobe PhotoShop CS4 ClassRoom In A Book Free Download

About Classroom in a Book
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book® is part of the official training series
for Adobe graphics and publishing software developed by experts at Adobe
Systems. The lessons are designed to let you learn at your own pace. If you’re
new to Adobe Photoshop, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and features
you’ll need to master the program. And, if you’ve been using Adobe Photoshop
for a while, you’ll find that Classroom in a Book teaches many advanced features,
including tips and techniques for using the latest version of the application
and for preparing images for the web.
Although each lesson provides step-by-step instructions for creating a specific
project, there’s room for exploration and experimentation. You can follow the
book from start to finish, or do only the lessons that match your interests and
needs. Each lesson concludes with a review section summarizing what you’ve

What’s new in this edition
This edition covers many new features in Adobe Photoshop CS4, such as the
Adjustments panel, making it easier than ever to add nondestructive adjustment
layers; the application bar, which provides quick access to important settings; and
the Masks panel, which gives you greater control over masks and channels. In
addition, these lessons introduce you to enhancements to Camera Raw, the Clone
Source panel, the Vibrance slider, and the ability to extend the depth of field in an
image so that both foreground and background can be in clear focus,.
New exercises and lessons cover:
• Using the Clone Source panel and clone overlay to accurately copy pixels.
• Editing TIFF, JPEG, or raw image files in Camera Raw.
• Selecting, inverting, and otherwise manipulating masks using the Masks panel.
• Transforming 2D images into 3D objects.
• Manipulating, positioning, and painting on 3D objects.
This edition is also chock-full of extra information on Photoshop features and how
best to work with this robust application. You’ll learn about Adobe Photoshop
Lightroom®—a toolbox for professional photographers that helps them manage,
adjust, and present large volumes of digital photos. You’ll also learn best practices
for organizing, managing, and showcasing your photos, as well as how to optimize
images for the web. And throughout this edition, look for tips and techniques from
one of Adobe’s own experts, Photoshop evangelist Julieanne Kost.
What’s in Photoshop Extended
This edition of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book works with many of the
features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended—a version with additional functions
for professional, technical, and scientific users, intended for those creating special
effects in video or in architectural, scientific, or engineering images.
Just some of the Photoshop Extended features include:
• The ability to import three-dimensional images and video, and edit individual
frames or image sequence files by painting, cloning, retouching, or transforming
• Support for three-dimensional (3D) files including the U3D, 3DS, OBJ,
KMZ, and Collada file formats, created by programs like Adobe Acrobat® 9
Professional, 3D Studio Max, Alias, Maya, and Google Earth. See Lesson 12,
“Working with 3D Images,” to learn about these features.