Meri Zaat Zara E Benishan By Umera Ahmed Pdf Book Free Download

Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan is a famous novel by Umera Ahmed (Writer of Peer e Kamil and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai) This is a novel about a girl who is righteous and faithful and ready to forgive everyone who did wrong to her. This novel gives us the lesson that don't libel anyone, Allah is the best judge. If you do wrong to anyone who don't deserve it can give you misery.

Awara Mizaaj Poetry Book By Farhat Abbas Shah Pdf Free Download

Awara Mizaaj is a beautiful poetry book contain the heart touching poetry and ghazal collection in Urdu language composed by Farhat Abbas Shah in Pdf Book.
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Bitter in the Mouth Novel Pdf Book Free Download

Bitter in the Mouth is a fabulous novel focusing a girl, who is looking for her identity the real signification of the family. The Girl "Linda" grows up in the small town-Carolina and she is different from everyone else. 

A novel beautifully written by Monique Truong. This is a Pdf copy of the book, the book was originally published in the year 2011 and contains 320 pages and Pdf file is only 14.43 MB.

The Handbook of Green Chemistry Pdf Book Free Download

A Handbook of Green Chemistry good for students of Chemistry

The Handbook of Green Chemistry 
This book contains 9 volumes which are split into 3 subjects-sets.
Set- Green Catalysis
This set has 3 volumes, Homogeneous catalysis, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Biocatalysis

Set 2 Green Solvents

Supercrictical solvents, reactions in Water and Ionic Liquids are the volumes of this Set.

Green Processes 
It has the last three columes Green Synthesis,Green Naoscience amd Desiging Safer Chemicals.

Asrar e Khudi By Allama Iqbal Urdu Translation Book Free Download

Asrar e Khudi is a Persian Poetry book written by The Poet of East Allama Mohammad IQbal translated in Urdu Language. Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal was a Philosopher, Poet and Politician. He has written many books of poetry in different languages including Persian Urdu and Arabic. He was born in Sialkot "Pakistan" on 9 November 1877.

He did matric in 1893 and PHD in 1907. In November 1926 he was selected as a member of the Punjab provisional Assembly. His Other books are, Stray reflections, Tulip in Desert, Illm Al-Iqtisad,Baal e Jabril, Zarb-e-Kaleem,Pas cha bad kard, Payam e Mushriq, Ramooz-e-Bekhudi, Baang-e-Dara

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Daastan Emaan Faroshon Ki Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Dastan Emaan Faroshon Ki Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Dastaan Emaan Faroshon Ki is a historical Urdu novel written by Altamash, who was a passionate book lover. He had worked in middle east. He visited a number of big libraries of Islamic countries where he was blessed of some valuable documents and other stuff like gold dust. He found lots of rare events in those papers by the narrator's of Salahuddin's age.These events had not been published before.So he started to write a book from these papers then he compiled Daastan Emaan Faroshon Ki.
Daastan Emaan Faroshon ki is a long story based on true incidents and a tireless struggle of the great muslim hero king Salahuddin Ayoubi.

This book is divided into 5 parts click on below links to Download 

Mohammad S.A.W The Ideal Prophet By Allama Sulaiman Nadvi Pdf Book Free Download

Mohammad S.a.w The Ideal Prophet Pdf Book Free Download
Mohammad S.a.w The Ideal Prophet
Mohammad (S.A.W) The Ideal Prophet Book is written by Allam Sulaiman Nadvi r.a. It is an English version of very famous book of Maulana Syed Sulaiman Navi, which was translated by Mohiuddin Ahmed. Mohammad (S.A.W) The ideal Prophet is an excellent book describing the complete life of Holy prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in English Language.

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English To Urdu Dictionary Pdf Book Free Download

English to Urdu Dictionary Pdf Book Free Download

English to Urdu Dictionary in Pdf Format has more than 24000 words with reference. Word reference was gathered by Waseem Siddiqui and translated by Shahab Alam.
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Laptop Repairing Pdf Book Free Download

I don't think this book will make you a professional laptop technician but it would make you able to solve your laptop problems yourself as you all know Laptop Repairing is a very difficult job and Laptop Technicians are taking a huge amount to repair it's small problems. But after reading Laptop Repairing Book you will be able to repair your laptop at your home.

Pakeeza Digest August 2015 Free Download

Download Pakeeza Digest August 2015. Pakeeza is a Pakistani Urdu Digest, and very famous among all over the world. Pakeeza Digest August 2015 has latest novels of your favorite writers, Islamic Education,Safarnama and lots of romantic and social novels and stories and much more.
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History Of Pakistan 1947-165 Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

History Of Pakistan 1947-1965 Urdu Pdf Book. History Of Pakistan Urdu book contains a brief history of Islamic Democratic Pakistan from its independence to the War of 1965 between Pakistan and India. In addition to that, it has all historic incidents occurred from 1947 to 1965.Click on the below links to read online/Download History Of Pakistan 1947-1965 in Urdu Pdf Book.

Man-o-Salwa By Umera Ahmed Urdu Novel Pdf Download

Man-o-Salwa is an Urdu novel beautifully written by Umera Ahmed and it is featuring the suspense, romance and thrill.
Man-o-Salwa is a comprehensive package for someone who wants to read the Masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.

Man-o-Salwa was dramatized and played on air on Hum TV as well.
Man-o-Salwa is a story of a girl named (Zainab) who belongs to a middle class family and for revenge, she changed herself from a pious girl to cunning one. And forgot everything, her family, moral and even herself. But in the end she lost everything.The story of the novel is very organized and its start is convincing enough to attract readers to read the novel till the end and the particular style of writing of Umera Ahmed is worth reading as well.  

Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Episode 14 Free Pdf Book Download

Namal Episode 14 By Nemrah Ahmed Published in Khawateen Digest is the 2nd Part of the Title (man Khisht Malkah beh Malkah Daad) I gave a Diamond to the Queen.
The story starts where it was over. Faris displays zumar his secret room which Was hidden since a long time, where he was preparing for his revenge from last four years. A soft corner in the heart of Zumar arising after working with Faris. At the other side Hunain is unable to recover the files from USB after so many tries.
Faris and Zumar meet Niaz Baig where Niaz Baig tells them the secret, but both Zumar and Faris deny according to the plan. Afterwards, they go to Doctor toaqeer, who was involved in the kidnapping of Saadi. They give him the invitation of  dinner in the memory of Saadi, and Faris meets Doc Toaqeer's wife Aiman who is also a devil minded lady, the lady behind the reason of Faris Ghazi's imprisonment.

Saadi regrets about giving the USB keychain which contains the video of Hashim's confession, I think here Saadi is doing hastiness, he should not be so negative about his family, he thinks that his family have forgot him but we all know that it is not a truth. But here is something exciting for us that Saadi reveals the Good Cop Bad Cop policy which was played by Hashim sending Maria as Saadi's doctor and Saadi tells her that he knows about the game you and hashim  playing.
Zumar finds out Hunain's feelings about Hashim and that Hashim and Hunain are texting each other, as we all know that Zumar is very precocious, she concludes that Hashim is going to exploit Hunain and that thing hurts Zumar (as Zumar is also a soft hearted some times) 
The conversation between Faris and Hunain is very delighting and dialogues are awesome, I especially like these dialogues 
Hunain-Main bohat Buri Hon
Faris-   Shakal mein?
Hunain- aap se Emotional hone ka koi Fayeda Nahi.
The scare of Doctor Saara continues, so rude, we all want her to be strong and expose Hashim and Nosherwan. Don't we?

There are lots of funny scenes in the episode, but I love Ahmar and Hunain's awkward scene, no doubt Hunain is very intelligent like her Aunty Zumar and brother Saadi,so she easily manages to fool Ahmer.
Hashim gets sick due to food poisoning, and during rest, he dreams about a lady who comes to wish him "Get Well Soon", later on he finds that, it was not a dream and that lady was Aabdar Ubaid Haroon, the new character of the story, who is a Hypnotherapist and was with Nosherwan in England.  I like this character and I guess it can be Saadi's Heroin, how clever the Aabdar is, you can read in the Episode.
In the Memorial Dinner, Zumar gives the task to Hunain to keep busy Dr Toaqeer and his wife while Faris and Zumar do act upon their plan and Hunain is doing her work beautifully, they go to Dr Toaqeer's house where they find some proofs and audio recording of Faris and Dr Aiman's session when Faris was in Jail.
The lovely part of the story is, when Saadi pays Hashim in his own coin and tells him that you can not be succeed in your plan and you are telling lie, as we all know that Saadi is not a normal man, he knows the riddles of The Quran and he lives his life according to The Quran and How one can misguide a person whose guide is The Quran. 
Here comes the most witty scene of the episode, when Gul khan gives the Ants ever after key chain which has Pen Camera.
The Story ends with suspense when Zumar and Hunain go to Hashim's house to invite him on saim's birthday party, during conversation Hashim says the name of his secretary Haleema which give shock to Zumar and Hunain and the episode comes to it's ending.I remember when Saadi was talking Haleema on Zumar's wedding night and Zumar caught him during conversation. you can read the Namal Episode 14 here

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