La-Mehdood Taqat (unlimited Power) Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

La-Mehdood Taqat (Unlimited Power) is a book interestingly written by Anthony Robbins and translated into Urdu by Tanver Iqbal. Read the story of successful people and the secret of their success in the book to get the understanding and motivation. Everybody knows that mind power is everything and this book is all about human's mind power. The author (Anthony Robbins) has spent his life gathering the secrets of those famous persons and has written them in this book (La-Mehdood Power) along with his own story because he considers himself, a successful person aswell.
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Buqrat Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Read Online or Download Buqrat Urdu Pdf book. Buqrat is the name of this book written by Mr. Malik Ashfaq who is an Urdu writer and Urdu writer from Pakistan. Malik Ashfaq has written the biography, theories and the philosophy of Buqrat (Hippocrates) in the Urdu language. Basically Hippocrates is known as the founder of medicine. His name is connected with the medical profession, he was belonging to the ancient Greek and was a famous physician of his era, was born in 640 BC. Buqrat Urdu book is all about Hippocrates and his services in the field of medicine.

Saltanat E Usmania Tareekh Saltanat-e-Usmani Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Saltanat e usmania Tareekh Saltanat-e-Usmani Urdu Pdf Book. This book is written by Dr. Ali Mohammad Al-Slabi and then translated into Urdu By Allama Mohammad Zafar kalyari.
In the Saltanat E Usmani Book we read the brief history of Turkey from the acceptance of Islam, then the fall of Uthmaniyah Caliphate along with the historical review of the present Islamic religious movement and struggles.
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Masail E Ramzaan ul Mubarak Urdu Pdf Book Free Download

Masaeil e Ramzan Ul Mubarak is a comprehensive book describing the importants of Ramdan ul Kareem and their aspects like Taraweeh, Fasting, Itkaaf Sadqah-e-Fitr and Eid ul Fitr and provide all the essential information regarding every issue related to the Holy Month of Ramadan in Urdu Language.
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Na Qabil E Zikr Urdu Book By Bano Qudsia Pdf Download

Na-Qabil-E- Zikr is the one of the favorite Urdu Stories Book written by Bano Qudsia. The famous Pakistani Writer Bano is loved among the Urdu readers for his impeccable style of writing,she is the Wife of the Spiritual Urdu Author Ashfaque Ahmed Whose books are well known for spiritual meditiation like Zavia. Bano Qudsia has her own Fan club because of her Urdu Novels and Books.
Na Qabil Zikr depicts the love story of a man who likes a young girl, he first sees her in a shop then on road, all these incident Bano QUdsia has described it beautifully in the book Na Qabil E Zikr By Bano Qudsia.

Sham Kitni Udas Hai Urdu Poetry Pdf Book Free

Sham Kitni Udaas Hai Urdu Poetry by Kainaat Bashir. Read the heart touching poetry in Urdu of Kainat bashir in this book. Kainat Bashir is a young female Urdu Poet. In this book you will read the sad poetry related to the Evening. It is said that love is connected with the Evening so is poetry every Poet has depict the beauty and loneless of Evening in his poetry be it John Elia Poetry or Ahmed Faraz, Paraveen Shaakir's Ghazals in Urdu or Mohasin Naqvi.
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